For whom does the wheelhouse boat fit?

  • The wheelhouse boat is a very well suited boat for weekend trips or vacations at sea. The size of the boat will be significant in how the boat facilitates longer trips.


  • Wheelhouse boats slightly less equipped can also be a good alternative as a fishing boat, in these type of wheelhouse boats the wheelhouse itself is found much further forward towards the bow. This is to make space for a larger aft deck.


  • The wheelhouse boat can also be utilized as a boat for commuting to work or for other purposes. in Scandinavia, this is popular if you live in citys at the sea or on islands out in the archipelago. 


In general the wheelhouse boat is a very well suited alternative for roundyear use.

9 meter wheelhouse (coupe) boat. This is Coupe 905.

The wheelhouse boat has increased in popularity during the latter years. A high number of new models are on the market and the common denominator is the roundyear use you get from these boats.


Explore the Coupe 905

Wheelhouse boat with and without a cabin

Many of the wheelhouse boats are delivered with a separate or semi-separate cabin, and can show for a very high comfort level. The size of the cabin depends on how fart towards the bow the cabin is placed. Some wheelhouse boats are also delivered as "walkarounds", where you can move from bow to stern on both sides of the wheelhouse. Find below some of the assets you should look for in a wheelhouse boat:

  • Bedspace/berth: For how many people does the bedspace and berth function?
  • Toilet room: Does the boat have a separate toilet room or is the toilet out in the cabin?
  • Lighting: How are the cabin lights designed, what type of lighting do they give and how are they operated?

The wheelhouse boat is used roundyear, and many of the boats have webasto-heating, freshwater and bedspace. Take a closer look at the video to see how the wheelhouse boat is used in Stockholm City, Sweden.


Explore the Coupe 905

Design of the hull, functions in the wheelhouse boat and deck layout - what can you expect from the wheelhouse boat itself?

The design of the hull and level of noise in the cockpit are important aspects in a wheelhouse boat. To gain a high level of space in the cockpit and cabin, the hull design will be wider which in turn may give less comfortable seagoing characteristics. The angle of the hull (typical for V-hull technology) and its design has a great effect on the threshold of planing the boat, its crusing speed and top speed as well as affect from currents and sidewinds.

In your evaluation of a set of wheelhouse boats, you should take time and emphasize these seagoing characteristics. The best way to do this is to test drive the boats when possible. 

Equipment for the wheelhouse boat, facilitating an easier drivers experience

  • Bow and stern drive (thrusters): These are great aids to use, especially on windy days and in smaller, narrow boat berths. When evaluating wheelhouse boats, this is for sure equipment you should emphasize.
  • Trim flaps: Many of the modern boats are delivered with trim flaps to easier correct the angle of the boat at heavy side winds. This makes the ride so much more joyful for both you and your passengers.
  • Anchor vinch: electrical anchor winch enables you to operate the boat alone, even when using the anchor to dock. The anchor winch can often be operated through a remote control, and if you choose a bow thruster this typically can be operated from the same remote
  • Cockpit door on starboard side: This feature can easilly be underestimated, but when handling a large size wheelhouse boat alone its a feature you really cannot do without. It facilitates easy docking, access to ropes and enable you to pass through for mooring the boat.

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