The Daycruiser boat: Is it right for you?

In our fast-paced world, finding moments of calm is essential for a balanced life. A daycruiser can be your gateway into a world of serenity, far removed from the demands of everyday life. This article will explore the Noblesse 720 to showcase how a brilliantly executed daycruiser can meet your boating desires.

Enjoying every moment aboard the Noblesse 720

Limitless freedom to discover your perfect moment

Discover the joy of full-day explorations in the archipelago in the daycruiser, perfect for visiting local islands and beyond. The daycruiser sports a large protected cockpit area which keeps you shielded from the wind, and a roomy deck, enabling all your activities during the day. Once the evening approaches and the sea settles down, you can anchor your vessel at your ideal spot, enjoying the sunset in the gentle waves. And as you let the day come to an end, you fall asleep with a sense of ease to the tranquil sounds of the sea in your sleeping cabin.

Waking up the next day to distant songs of seabirds, embraced by the gentle sun as you arise, revitalising your senses with a swim in the sea, ready for another day of discovery. That is the power of the daycruiser boat—limitless freedom to discover your perfect moment.

Nothing to see here, just a premium daycruiser in action.

The Nordkapp Noblesse 720, ideal for social sea adventures

The Noblesse 720 is a statement for people who seek a premium daycruiser. The Scandinavian design creates a seamless flow from the rich social zones to the restful sleeping areas. Its sleek lines and luxurious finish captivates, providing a profound and joyful boating experience.

A daycruiser boat like the Noblesse 720 is suitable for up to seven adults thanks to its spacious deck and carefully planned seating arrangements. The cockpit area is built for extraordinary moments with friends and family, and when you drop the anchor, you can unwind on the sunbed at the bow or enjoy the waters from the two sun loungers on the swimming platforms.

Enjoying the company of friends in the Noblesse 720.

Stay the night

A spacious cabin makes the Noblesse 720 suitable for day- and weekend trips. The boat is well suited for a family of four or 2-3 adults. The seating space in the aft can quickly transform into a sleeping area in addition to the cabin. With the canopy fitted, and webasto heater on, everyone can enjoy a restful night's sleep protected from the elements. 

The right amenities can make a difference when staying the night aboard. On the Noblesse 720, you can keep your devices charged via USB ports. Your food stays fresh in the refrigerator, and a freshwater tank with a sink makes it easy to keep your plates and utensils clean. You also have the option to equip an electric toilet, a shower for the bathing platforms and a fusion stereo to enhance your time at sea.

Sleep well in the cabin of the Noblesse 720 and enjoy fresh food from the refrigerator. 

A safe and practical option for the family

The Noblesse 720 is a safe option for boating with children thanks to its high freeboard (the sides of the hull). Enabling your little ones to move freely when the boat is still, the high freeboard also provides extra protection from the wind. You will find plenty of practical storage around the boat, enabling your children to bring their favourite toys while still keeping the boat nice and tidy.

If you and your children need to cool off during warm summer days, you can seek shelter in the cabin, or you can provide shade on deck by deploying the canopy. You can choose if you want the canopy to cover the entire cockpit, or by using the sunroof function, the sides stay open, letting the breeze in while you stay protected from the sun up above. And if you are in the mood for a refreshing swim, the large bathing platforms provide a safe place for a dip in the sea.

The Noblesse 720 with the sunroof deployed.

Enjoyment for all experience levels

If you decide that a daycruiser is the right fit, finding the perfect boat for your needs and experience level is essential to maximise your time at sea. Consider which situations you will experience, like docking in a harbour or navigating through canals, and choose a boat that will make these moments pleasurable. A steep V-shaped hull like on the Noblesse 720 delivers nimble handling, paired with a bow thruster which provides precision when needed, making it a suitable boat for all experience levels.

The bathing platforms can transform into two sun loungers on the Noblesse 720.

The right daycruiser will provide you with endless moments of joy at sea, and the Noblesse series from Nordkapp exemplifies the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Learn more about the daycruisers from Nordkapp in the Noblesse series below.

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